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I purchased a used minivan last year when we had our fourth child. This van has been nothing but problems and around thanksgiving it began smoking and leaking antifreeze. I took it to my "regular place" and was charged around $1000 for the radiator and hoses and some other things. The problem was not fixed correctly and the van has continued to smoke and leak antifreeze. After several visits back to my "regular place" I decided to give someplace else a try. Knights auto was able to see the van immediately, when I got there they took the van back right away and found the problem, explained what was wrong and even showed me where the hose was broken while the van was on the lift. The car wasn't drivable and they weren't going to have the part until later that day, I had two of my kids with me and they gave us a ride home! This is a great service, may not seem like much but if you've ever had to wait at a mechanic with small children (something I've had to do a LOT since I got this car) you would know this alone makes it worth giving them a try. They got the part and as promised the repairs were made and I was able to get my car back the same day. I have been back twice for other small issues related to the repair done by the first place I went to and they've had me in and out quickly both times. Everyone in the office is friendly and knowledgeable. I look forward to getting all the other problems on the van fixed with them soon!

Rebecca C. (Yelp)

There's a feeling you get when you have work done on your car at Knight's Automotive. It's called confidence. From the moment you make your first appointment until the time you pick up your car, you can rest assured you're in good hands. I recently brought my car in for a routine oil change. I knew something was going on with my car but didn't mention it because I couldn't exactly explain what it was. Rita test drove the car and called me and said she noticed the problem I couldn't explain. Who does that? Knight's does! If you're undecided about where to bring your car for service-don't hesitate. Peyton, Nancy, Rita and the rest of the team will welcome you and your car and make you feel like family.

Patty Murphy Van Zile (Facebook)

I didn't even know about this place until the alternator in my WRX died, and I needed to find somewhere close I could drive to, and pray I'd make it there before my car died again. They replaced my alternator at a very good price, and they were even willing to drive me home so I didn't have to wait in the waiting room.

At the same time, I was having power steering issues. Shortly before my alternator died, I was at my local Subaru dealership for a safety recall, and I asked Subaru to look the power steering issue. They quoted me at $1000 for a power steering rack, plus an additional $1000 if I needed a new power steering pump. Needless to say, I didn't have Subaru fix it for me at that time.

So, when I went to Knight's for my alternator, I asked them to look at the power steering issue, since they were working on my car anyway. Apparently, all I needed was a new power steering belt, which was about $100 for parts and labor, and it fixed my problem perfectly! I know dealerships tend to kill you on pricing, but $100 compared to $2000+? Come on.

I also had a radiator hose burst on me this week, leaving me unable to drive to work. I dropped my car off as soon as they opened, and even though they were insanely busy, they had me on my way to work about 2 hours later.

Everyone is super pleasant and polite. Hopefully I wont have any car issues for a while, but if I do, I'll surely be coming back to Knights.

Colin B. (Yelp)

A couple of days ago I was heading out to PA, and my low-pressure tire light came on. I was just about to pass Knights auto and decided to stop in and see if I could get air put in the tires, (which has in the past all that’s needed).

My car was taken right away, and I stood outside the bay as the technician measured the pressure on each tire, and started to take one tire off. I asked if there was a problem he explained to me that this particular tire was a pound or two lower than the rest and he just wanted to check and make sure that there wasn’t a reason. Sure enough there was a nail in the tire.

In almost every case in the past, the person putting the air in would fill the tires and I would be on my way. If the low pressure light came on again, it would mean a problem. No one usually wants to bother taking the time to visually check and see if there is a problem.

The tire was repaired and I was very grateful that I stopped by, on a whim, to get them checked by a group of people who are not only conscientious, polite, have fair prices and prompt service, but care about you and your safety as well as your car.

Donna P. (Google)

I have never in all my years received a personalized, hand-written Thank You note from any business...

K.K. (Yelp Review)

My father and i got a flat tire and because we were in the right place at the right time we were led to Knight's Auto Repair. Even though we pulled in at the end of the day, Justin diagnosed the problem, fixed the tire (and the spare!) and did so with kindness and professionalism (as did everyone we encountered). The cost was very reasonable and despite having to deal with this at the worst possible time on a very stressful day, Knight's came to our rescue. Many thanks!

J.B. (Yelp Review)

I brought a potential used car purchase here to get inspected. They took me in on short notice and pointed out numerous issues that I was not aware of and brought me into the shop to explain them to me. All of the mechanics/staff are very friendly and trustworthy. Best $75 I ever spent.

Ryan N.

You know those feelings you get from most auto repair locations? You have that suspicion that the work they recommend be done to your vehicle doesn't really need to be done? And then you feel like you're being overcharged for that work? And on top of that, the work you requested be done is not done timely and / or with high quality?

I am very happy to say that after having two of my vehicles serviced here for the past couple years...I get NONE of those feelings. Knight's has literally saved me thousands of dollars in repairs that the dealer "recommended" be performed. Knight's assured me that some repairs were not needed, and in one case was able to actually repair an exhaust leak ($200) rather than replace the entire exhaust system ($2500) for our Lexus.

My experience with Knights has been nothing but exemplary. I could not recommend them more highly as a trustworthy shop.

Joseph D.

Terrific customer service and wonderful office staff. They diagnosed my problem,and Rita negotiated on my behalf with the extended warranty insurer to get most of the work paid for. And I got a handwritten thank-you note! How often does that happen? This is my car's permanent shop. Highly recommended.

Cass P.

Very professional, outstanding service. We needed work done on our van before a trip and they were able to squeezed us in without any issues.

Darren M.

I have been using Knights Automotive for at least 15 years. I have felt their service is excellent. From a simple oil change to an entire engine rebuild, Knights has been fair in their pricing and abillity. They come to my home if I can't get the car to them and they don't mind checking my tire pressure with only a few seconds notice. They discuss numerous ways to attack a problem and let my husband and I decide the best course of action. I can't say enough about the service and the professionalism of Knights.

Mary A.

In a nutshell, the are top notch. My mother was visiting from out of state and ran into car trouble and they fixed it for her right away. Nancy, Peyton and Rita are awesome. They diagnosed the problem right away and she had her car back in half a day. The cost was great too. This is a family owned business who cares and did not rip her off. That gives me piece of mind. I highly recommend this business. They go the extra mile for sure! I found them on the internet, based on their great reviews and feel even better having sent my mother to use them.

Melissa R. (Yelp)

Very well done service. Thank you.

Bing T.

Very excellent quick service. Staff were extremely polite. I will be returning and will tell people to come here!

Austin S.